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Legs Legs Legs Everywhere.

Happy Monday!

My weekend was jam-packed with fun: finding out I got tickets to the “Bethenny” show, birthday celebrations, laying on the grass in Central Park, getting pampered with a mani/pedi, NYC street fairs and my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s–yes, I am a dweeb who considers that fun :-) .

Before the weekend started, I was feeling incredibly cooped up. I needed a break from buildings, apartments, subways, buses and crowds of people. All it took was a huge patch of grass to feel some zen.

The Great Lawn @ Central Park, NYC

The Great Lawn @ Central Park, NYC

The Great Lawn @ Central Park, NYC

The Great Lawn @ Central Park, NYC

Thank goodness for Central Park. I love the Great Lawn. It’s incredible to see so many people doing the same and escaping our busy city for a few hours. There is something so therapeutic about running your fingers through cold, green grass.

Street Fair on 3rd Avenue

Street Fair on 3rd Avenue

The weekend ended with a street fair that was coincidentally in my neighborhood. NYC always has street fairs during the summer months and now that summer is (sadly) coming to an end my boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll down the avenue and get a load of all the funnel cake madness.

Well, one of us got a funnel cake and it was not me (even though I managed to steal one too many bites, oops). I opted for some “healthier” food options: grilled corn and pickles. Mmmm!

Pickle Stand

Pickle Stand

Grilled Corn

Grilled Corn

The grilled corn tasted just like summer.

And, with Monday being the start of a new week it was time for a much needed workout. My routine today was inspired by New York Fashion Week focusing on the legs with some spurts of cardio in between sets. I always dread “leg day” because it’s so physically exhausting but the toned and lean legs all around me this week are motivating.

Monday Gym Day
Monday Gym Day

Leg Day Routine

1. 5 minute warm-up, cardio of your choice

(I did 2 minute jumping jacks, 2 minute jump rope, 1 minute butt kicks)

2. 1 set 12 reps Barbell Squats

(I use a 20 pound bar)

3. 2 minute cardio:  jump rope

4. 1 set 12 reps Romanian Deadlifts

(I use a 20 pound bar)

5. 2 minute jumping jacks

6. 1 set 30 reps walking lunges

(I hold a 5 pound weight in each hand)

7. 1 set 12 reps Seated Leg Curl

(I set the machine on 30 pounds)

8. 1 set 12 reps Leg Extensions

(I set the machine on 40)

**Repeat routine two more times for a total of three sets. Warm up is for first set only.**

I hope you try this workout, let me know if you do and what you thought!

Happy Squatting!

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